Italy and South Korea enter countries investigating and prosecuting Apple

Apple will replace iPhones batteries even if they are still in good condition

When the controversy of slower iPhones arose due to worn out batteries, we knew that the footprint had been big, but maybe we didnā€™t imagine how huge it would become, but it makes perfect sense if we look at Appleā€™s size and its global popularity. .

Gradually, the concern is reaching several countries, such as China, France and even here in Brazil. Around the world, some bodies ask for explanations only, while others are actually starting lawsuits against Ma.

This time, Italy and the South Korea joined the list of countries by initiating collective actions and investigations on Apple and all the controversy.

iPhone with exposed components (battery)

THE Reuters told that an antitrust body from Italy has opened an investigation in relation to claims that Apple used iOS updates to decrease the performance of smartphones with worn batteries and pressure customers to buy new models, that is, we return to the reference of such ?programmed obsolescence?.

But the problem was not just about Ma: Italian researchers said that both Apple and Samsung did not warn customers that updates could negatively impact the performance of their phones, which would basically be infringing on four separate articles from the national consumer code.

Also according to Reuters, a South Korean consumer support agency has filed a lawsuit against the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, claiming that the company has deliberately Ā«shortened the lifeĀ» of iPhones.

In the complaint, the advocacy group Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty accused Apple of fraud and Ā«destroying propertyĀ». The same group is still on the side of 120 customers who have initiated a civil damages suit against Apple, still at the beginning of this month.

Certainly, these will not be the last processes and investigations of all this controversy; we will probably see more countries and bodies rising up against Ma, even though she has already spoken with an apology, decreased the value of changing batteries and even stated that an update for iOS is in testing, which will show various information on the battery status of the devices.