Information from Apple vendors reveals alleged details of his tablet, including start of production

iTablet: semiconductor technology from PA Semi could actually be used

Rumors keep coming up about the possibility that Apple is working on a tablet, a mysterious product that has no exact design idea (mockups do not count, of course), but it is already possible to predict what will be in its internal components. Jason D. O’Grady, from ZDNet, suggests that Ma's new offering will be based on hardware developed practically in-house, with semiconductor technology from one of its last acquisitions, PA Semi.

Apple tablet mockup

He suggests as justification the claims coming from Intel last year, which denied the possibility of an iPhone being equipped with an Atom processor. At the time, it became clear that this line would not meet his thermal envelope, making the use of ARM architecture a much more suitable (and cheap, who knows?) Alternative to the device.

Thus, Apple could be using PA Semi technology to develop a specific chip for this new tablet, with the ARM architecture. This is something that a Taiwan economy newspaper has already stated in the past, and can represent enormous potential for the product, especially with the new implementations of the Cortex-A9 architecture that ARM has brought to the market recently.

However, a tablet based on this processor architecture would not be suitable for running some version of Mac OS X, something that earlier rumors have already suggested. Today, most applications available for the Apple desktop system run only on Intel chips (or also on PowerPC, in the form of universal binaries). Being a product with ARM technology, only the iPhone OS would be adequate to support it, which is possible, but it would not attract much of my attention.