It will be possible to delete native apps in watchOS 6 (but not all)

It will be possible to delete native apps in watchOS 6 (but not all)

Since iOS 10, users of iPhones and iPads can delete native apps from the system or, more accurately, "hide" them from every corner of the device.

O Apple watchOn the other hand, it's never had the same feature: even with a growing list of apps of its own, you either live with them or simply choose to ignore them. Now, no more.

As reported by TechCrunchfrom watchOS 6 It will be possible, in fact, to delete native apps from the watch. To do this, just tap and hold an app on the home screen and wait for them to start rocking from the tap “X” that appears in the upper right corner.

As with iOS, not all Watch apps can be deleted. Some core health applications, such as Messaging and Heartbeat, remain “pinned” to watchOS 6; otherwise you can basically delete almost everything and, if you wish, redeem the deleted apps later in the App Store which, as you have already informed, will be independent in the new version of the system.

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Note that the ability to delete native apps is not present in the latest trial version of watchOS 6; The news should be added in some future beta before it reaches all users in the final version of the system, around mid-September.