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It is to glorify standing! Chrome 55 will consume up to 50% less memory

You see, I am convinced that the Chrome the best browser for Mac that exists, above Safari. Especially for those who, like me, have all their electronic reasons rooted in the Google ecosystem, the Mountain View browser has no certain competition.

However, for many years my default browser on the Mac is Safari simply because Chrome is an absolute and notorious addict to memory and battery, while Apple manages, generation after generation, to optimize its browser so that it consumes less and less machine resources and since mine (at least on the drums) has been asking for storage for a while, this is a difficult decision, but a necessary one.

Well, the extremely promising news of the day is that Google is putting Chrome in a rehab and, if things go as promised by Uncle Pichai, his future will be bright. As reported by CNET, the back 55 the browser that is due out on December 6th will come with excellent optimizations that will make your memory usage drop by half!

cone - Google Chrome for Mac

The Chrome development team’s focus of attention is V8, the JavaScript interpreter distributed in open code that is the engine employed by Google in your browser since the beginning of its launch. Changes made to the V8 are "significantly reducing the memory requirement" on well-known sites like Imgur, Reddit, Twitter and the New York Times on most of them, this reduction reaches an appetizing 50%.

The lowest requirement for beneficial memory in a number of ways: in addition to the obvious advantage of operating faster and leaving more space in RAM for other processes, the browser requires less battery power and the system flows more smoothly. Everyone wins especially those with less privileged machines.

If you want to test Chrome 55 out of rehab before its official distribution, Chrome beta is your friend.

(via AppleInsider)