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It is now very easy to install other apps by browsing Pinterest for iOS

O Pinterest today announced a very cool feature for those who use the social network.

Over the years, they have added extra information which can be very useful for those who browse the immense amount of content available on the network. Examples: ingredient lists and cooking time for pins revenue, price and availability for pins related to products, in addition to the title and description of the pins of articles.

Well now they've added one more. Anyone using the app on the iPad or iPhone / iPod touch will see a new type of interaction: direct download of apps.

Installing apps from Pinterest

The example used on the Pinterest blog is very interesting. Imagine that you are looking for inspirations to start training and running a marathon. Because if you view a fitness app (monitoring or something similar) to help you achieve that goal, you can download it directly from Pinterest.

Just touch the “Install” button and you're ready to even leave Pinterest for the download to take place.

Pinterest app icon

(via MacRumors)