It is now possible to buy iPhones from any operator through the Apple website in the United States, without activation

iPhones X, 8 Plus and 8

Apple has been following the same ?cake recipe? for a few years now, when it puts iPhones on sale in U.S. It first sells them online only through the four major woolen carriers and, after stocks start to stabilize, it also starts selling a model ?SIM-free? (without association with any operator).

This is exactly what happened now, with the launch of the iPhone X. J with the iPhones 8/8 Plus was different, since Apple knew it would have enough stock to meet demand from the beginning; so, she already put them on the market with the model ?SIM-free? available for purchase.

iPhones X, 8 Plus and 8

Even so, as we explained in our tutorial on how to buy the latest releases from Apple in the pre-sale, the absence of the model ?SIM-free? not a big problem for us Brazilians, because just buy any iPhone a full price (full price) at Apple he always comes unlocked for use on any operator. In addition, nowadays Apple Brazil provides a warranty any model of iPhone are not only those that are approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

But what was the problem, then? Well, there was no «problem» in fact, just one difficult. So far, those who do not live in the USA and wanted to buy an unlocked iPhone through the Apple website (or the Apple Store app) basically only had one option: T-Mobile.

That’s because the other three ATT, Verizon and Sprint , although also available for purchase at full price, they always required identification of the buyer by his social security number (which Americans have) and / or your account details for direct activation with your carrier. In other words, they could not be considered options for us.

Today, that has changed:

Activating iPhones later on the Apple website

As shown in our screenshot above, when we are going to insert an iPhone into the cart, it is now possible to choose the option ?Activate with your Carrier Later? («Activate with your carrier later»). In other words, for the first time it is possible to buy iPhones from any American operator, also through the Apple website, something that until today was only in person, in physical Apple Stores.

On our own, when we picked up our iPhones X in Orlando two weeks ago, we didn’t even have the option of picking up models from T-Mobile when it was our turn in line; they had already sold out. We then opted for AT&T. It was really inconsistent for us to be able to buy from her at a good store, but not online.

With this change, Apple also starts to better distribute the sale of these various models of iPhones to the four operators and expands the possibility for consumers from outside the USA to be able to buy the iPhone they want without depending exclusively on the availability of T-Mobile models. great news! ?

thanks, GO!