It is now also possible to schedule service at Apple Authorized Service Centers!

It is now also possible to schedule service at Apple Authorized Service Centers!

Very, very welcome new feature from Apple. Do you know that endless search for a time to attend the Genius Bar in one of the two Brazilian stores? Whoever needed it knows exactly what I'm talking about. Internally, this became a major crisis at Apple Brazil and of course the company was thinking about how to solve this problem.

For today she showed him a possible solution.

As reported by the MacRumors, Apple's support page has been updated and now allows users to book times for service not only at official Apple stores, but also at Apple Authorized Service Centers.

To give you an idea of ​​what this means, in Rio de Janeiro I jumped from a single option (the Apple store at VillageMall) to nine! Yes, of course the city in question makes a difference (Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo continue to be the best served, as they have a good number of CSAAs), which undeniably helps to relieve customer service at Ma stores, whether by improving availability of schedules to schedule a Genius Bar or even reducing / ending the queues for attendance that are formed.

In Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo the novelty is already working; in other cities, like Salvador, the system is already prepared but it seems that some details are still missing for the schedules to appear in fact.

To schedule a time at a CSAA, just visit the support page, choose the product and option that best fits the problem you have and, later, choose the option “Take to repair”.

Scheduling a time to be serviced at an Apple Authorized Service Center

By doing this, the list with the CSAAs appears and you can sort it both by time availability and by distance. Then just choose a Center, the day and the time according to your needs / possibilities.

It's too early to talk, as we need to wait and see if everything works as it should, if people will be able to use the tool, among other things. But analyzing it superficially, everything indicates that this is a great novelty! 😊