iPhone XS Max with Dual SIM in Brazil

It is already possible to use two chips on the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones in Brazil

With the arrival of iOS 12.1, iPhones XS, XS Max and XR are now able to use their technology Dual SIM (support for two chips) in countries and with operators that already support connectivity with eSIM.

iPhone XS Max with Dual SIM in Brazil

In Brazil, the MacMagazine already found that all major operators are interested in supporting this, but for now not even Claro – which already uses the same technology on the Apple Watch – has this availability. Here’s the jump of the cat: it is already possible to use Dual SIM technology here! ?

The feat is made possible by the virtual operator Truphone, which already offers in the American App Store (you will know why it is not in Brazil …) a homonymous app that allows users to choose an eSIM plan and activate it directly from the iPhone XS / XS Max / XR.

The process is very simple and fast, and there are three plans available: one 300MB for 6 euros (for daily use) and two others that last 30 days, one 1GB for 15 euros and the second 3GB for 42 euros. Payment can be made even via Apple Pay and activation is immediate, it is up to the user to determine which will be their default line between the two.

Truphone offers cellular connectivity in more than 80 different countries, including Brazil, the United States, several countries in South America, almost all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. It is worth checking and testing.

My Truphone app icon: eSIM travel data

tip from Daniel Fonseca