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iSuppli: Apple's growth gave Foxconn half of the world electronics market

This partnership can go to the books of Biology, in the topic of “protocooperao”: with the growth that has been experiencing recently, Apple ended up making Foxconn grab the impressive mark of 50% of the global market of electronic products.

Apple factory employee in China

"Foxconn customers are some of the hottest companies in the electronics business today, especially Apple," said Thomas Dinges of iSuppli. "As Apple and the rest gained market share, Foxconn won together." In the first quarter of 2010, for example, Ma's partner made a profit of US $ 15.9 billion almost three times that of the second largest company in the sector, Flextronics International (US $ 5.9 billion). And that with an operating margin of just 8.7% (much less than 9.5% in 2009), perhaps the only modest number in the company.

There is a tendency for things to improve even more: it is expected that almost 13 million iPads will be manufactured in 2010, and 36.5 million next year. Still in 2011, it is expected that more than 53 million iPhones will be made, more than double the production of a year ago. These are the two most popular products from Apple today, but we must not forget that Macs and iPods are far from being irrelevant (ok, iPods not so much).

Apparently, Apple is about to take over the world and Foxconn will have a lot to profit from it.

(via DigiTimes)