Is this the "iPhone X Plus" screen?

Is this the "iPhone X Plus" screen?

It was taking too long.

Since the iPhone X hit the market, there is much talk / speculation about the possibility of Apple launching a model with the same characteristics, only with a larger screen. Yes, we are talking about the traditional model Plus, which is not part of line “X” today.

So it is to be expected that after the “testing phase” with the iPhone X (the first generation of this new Apple smartphone format, which it itself claimed to be the floor of the future within the company as it involves the production of many new components. like OLED display, TrueDepth front camera, etc.), Apple will again offer two different sizes on your phone flagship. Ming-Chi Kuo (from KGI Securities), the most famous analyst with the best hit in his history, has hit this key for some time: for him, this future Plus model will come with a screen of about 6.5 ″.

So far, all we saw were concepts of this speculated device. But today, the first images of this so-called "iPhone X Plus" came straight out of a Chinese forum without any credibility, good to always make it clear. So, first of all, good to take that good old dose of caution. Still, it is worth bringing the matter to the in order to speculate together on this possible release from Apple.

"Supposed" "Supposed"

Supposed "iPhone X Plus" screen

What we see in the images is the screen and digitizer of the “iPhone X Plus” at an alleged LG facility in Vietnam (recent rumors have placed the company as one of Apple's OLED display vendors). According to the article in the Chinese forum, the pieces are from a “production equipment test run”.

Aside from the images, no relevant information about these parts was shared on the forum. In them, however, we see that the screen appears to be noticeably larger than that of the iPhone X (comparing it to the proportion of the hand). Interestingly, the front cutout (notch) appears to be approximately the same size; Without a reference, some may even say that the clipping is following the scale of what we have today on the iPhone X, leaving basically the same space available in the “ears” which would be very weird since one of the benefits of having a bigger screen rightly so put more elements in it. And since so far nothing indicates that the Plus model would have a different technology in the front camera (to justify more space), it would be strange to have a larger cut only to maintain the same ratio.

At the bottom of the screen is a flexible cable with a printed part number that matches the format Apple has used in the past. There is also a code indicating the piece's production week (46 week 2017), which falls in mid-November.

In the second image we have a set of these parts together with parts of the display. Unfortunately there is not much to see / opinion, here we can only notice the cut of the speaker and the spaces for the sensors that are in the front cutout.

Are we facing the first hard evidence of a 6.5-inch screen iPhone following the characteristics of the iPhone X? Rumors and leaks like this should be taken very carefully, as I mentioned above. One thing, however, does not come out of my head: such a leak on the day of the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Beyond suspect, isn't it? It would be great for Apple to see the world discussing the possible arrival of a larger screen iPhone X to overshadow the presentation of one of its main competitors (if not the largest competitor). 🤔

via AppleInsider