Is this the first photograph taken with the Huawei P40?

In the aftermath of the official unveiling of Samsung's new flagship, the Galaxy S20, an image appears on social media that was allegedly captured by the Huawei P40.

The Chinese manufacturer's smartphone has not yet been officially revealed, but leaks and rumors of the equipment already exist.

Last year, the P30 was a true champion in the field of photography, featuring a powerful optical zoom, and this led its rival Samsung to rethink what it intended for the Galaxy S20, demonstrating a 10X digital zoom up to 100X.

From the demonstrations made, the new smartphone from Samsung looks like an authentic binocular.

Now Huawei's turn to reveal how it intends to raise the bar on its previous model.

The photograph of a bird (quetzal) shows incredible clarity, highlighting the detail of its plumes, the reflection in the eye, in addition to vivid and crystalline colors.

The background is blurred, in the beautiful bokeh effect.

But if the image has a very good quality, it is still necessary to give the due compression applied by social networks to make it lighter.

The down of the head reflects each individual needle, without blurring the ends.

The image description suggests that the Huawei P40 can integrate two telephoto lenses, combined to capture sharper photographs.

This second telephoto makes sense if you take into account that the first rumors pointed to an alignment of five photographic sensors at the rear.

From the images that were previously shared in the leak, the front of the smartphone, it is possible to find a screen without notch, with a double punch-hole design in the upper left corner for two front cameras.

The volume and power buttons are already on the right side, and there is also a USB-C input for charging at the bottom of the device, as well as a noticeable lack of a headphone jack.

As for what might be under the P40's hood, earlier rumors predict that the device will arrive with the Kirin 990 5G SoC.

The smartphone may also have a curved 6.57-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2K + and support for HDR content.

Huawei will be able to reveal news from the P40 during the Mobile World Congress (considering that it will happen), but there is also talk of a Huawei event scheduled for March dedicated to the smartphone.