Is there a new iPhone SE coming?

The September Apple special event has passed and the current line of iPhones made up of flagships iPhones XS and XS Max, in addition to the middleman who will most likely be the new best seller, the iPhone XR, as well as the “old” iPhones 8, 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus. Rumors gave rise to a new iPhone SE arriving, but he didn’t come. I mean, for now.

The developer Guilherme Rambo published the image above on Twitter today. In it, we see a clear reference to two models of iPhones that currently do not exist: iPhone9,8 and iPhone9,9. Before going into the details of these supposed new models, let's go to a little explanation.

The iPhone SE was released by Apple in March 2016. Its code was the iPhone8,4 and I explain the reason: because it is basically an iPhone 6s inside a 5s case, Apple identified the model as “from the same family” iPhones 6s and 6s Plus (iPhone8,1 and iPhone8,2).

Currently, as I said, the line consists of the following models:

  • iPhones XS, XS Max and XR: iPhone11, x
  • iPhones X, 8 and 8 Plus: iPhone10, x
  • iPhones 7 and 7 Plus: iPhone9, x

Did you notice? Well, these supposed new Apple devices would be from the same family as the iPhone 7. And that makes a lot of sense, since a new SE would most likely arrive to be the most affordable iPhone in the line and, as the old one shared many 6s components, the minimum acceptable for a second generation SE would be a disguised 7 (in a different housing and with a smaller screen).

Now, don't wait for an “iPhone SE 2” to arrive in 2018. Of course Apple can do whatever it wants, but I would say that this is very difficult. It's October, practically at the end of the year (the busiest period for Apple), and it makes sense for it to maintain a longer line. premium so customers can spend more money now. After this period of Christmas and New Year, sales usually cool well. And wouldn't it be great to see the arrival of a new device (much desired by customers, good to note) costing around US $ 350 (US $ 100 less than the iPhone 7)?

We'll see what Apple's strategy is. But that an “iPhone SE 2” would be a tremendous success, that I have no doubt about. And you?