Is the KDEnLive Project stopped?

KdenLive May Be Without Maintainers

KDEnLive video editing software is not being developed

I can not deny that I was a little upset by the current state of development of KdenLive, or of the development in this case. KDEnLive

It seems that really the main developer, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle, has abandoned the project or at least is "taking a break", the last modifications in the software were just a few bugfixes and a slight improvement of the translation, no big news has been implemented, Phoronix tried to contact Jean-Baptiste and has received no reply so far.

It is very important that this situation is clear so that people interested in maintaining the project and companies intending to sponsor the project manifest themselves, after all, such software cannot be abandoned.

I sincerely hope that KDEnLive will not end because it is one of the best, if not the best, free code video editor, if it had a few cuts it certainly has the potential to be as good as Sony Vegas as the functionality level is already excellent.

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