Is the Galaxy A 2016 line worth it?

Is the Galaxy A 2016 line worth it?

The second generation of the Galaxy A line arrived in the Brazilian market in January this year, represented by the models Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7. According to Samsung, the Galaxy A3 should arrive in the country sometime in 2016. But, is it worth investing your money in these intermediaries that want to be a "light version" of the high end of the brand? We'll find out next.

Refined Design

The issue of design is a subjective point for many users. However, here is a simple and straightforward observation: visually, the Galaxy A5 and A7 2016 are smaller versions of the Galaxy S6. Of course, Samsung has kept the slightly square look introduced in the first generation of the Galaxy A line, but in the rest, the materials used are the same as the Galaxy S line, such as glass and aluminum, also present in the Galaxy S7, for example.

If aesthetics are important to you, the Galaxy A5 and A7 2016 will not disappoint. The difference is due to the size, as the screen of the Galaxy A5 5.3 inches, while the Galaxy A7 has a panel 5.5 inches.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy a5 2015 vs samsung galaxy s6 1
Galaxy A5 next to Galaxy S6 (right) / ANDROIDPIT

Above average specifications

In addition to the refined finish, the new Galaxy A delivers exciting performance for a wide range of usability. The set of specs is slightly above average among mid-market models, especially the Galaxy A7 2016, which has 3 GB of RAM.

The Galaxy A5 has 1.5 GB of RAM. However, in processing matters, both devices share similar aspects, such as the presence of the Exynos 7580 processor. These devices account for running a number of popular applications, such as Facebook and Instagram, for example, without "choking."

The Galaxy A7 2016, in turn, delivers better multitasking performance, especially since it has twice the RAM capacity of the Galaxy A5.

The Galaxy A7 2016 has twice the RAM memory capacity of the Galaxy A5

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 9
New line A has above average specifications / ANDROIDPIT

Overall, the second generation of the Galaxy A line does not disappoint by the hardware. As I mentioned earlier, both devices have different screen sizes, but both are Full HD and feature AMOLED technology. In addition to the well-defined display, the Galaxy A offers built-in memory expansion through microSD, dual-SIM function and FM radio.

Generous battery

The batteries that equip the new Galaxy A are not surprising at first, but considering the slim appearance of both handsets, we can conclude that Samsung has done an interesting job. The iPhone 6, for example, is about the same thickness as the Galaxy A7, but Apple's battery capacity of 1,810 mAh.

The Galaxy A7 has a 3,300 mAh battery, while the Galaxy A5 has 2,900 mAh capacity. It is possible to go beyond the traditional 8 hours of use with both devices. In the case of the Galaxy A7 2016, Samsung's promise is 2 days of use without the need for energy saving mode.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 5
Galaxy A5 with fine workmanship and generous battery / ANDROIDPIT

Is the Galaxy A 2016 line worth it?

Yes, especially if you appreciate the design line of the company and do not want to invest heavily in other handsets of the brand, such as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Note 5. Some observations should be taken into consideration, especially regarding the values.

The Galaxy A5 2016 was launched costing $ 2,199, while the first generation model (2014) hit the market worth $ 1,499. In this case, exchange rate variations and the order of the Good PM may explain the increase. And considering the design and the overall work, we can say that this model delivers the best value for money compared to the A7.

The Galaxy A7, in turn, was launched for $ 2,499.00, the same price range where the Galaxy S6 sold retail. In this case, it pays to invest in the Galaxy S6 instead of the Galaxy A7 2016.

And you, would you invest in a Galaxy A 2016?

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