Is Norton Mobile Security really good? See review here!

Having a smartphone and not preventing yourself through some security apps can be a silly oversight, especially with the many possibilities of invading privacy and all the documents there.

If you are in doubt about which one to download on your device, you can click here and see which are the 5 most suitable for Android completely free. Otherwise, you can follow the specific text below about Norton Mobile Security.

Norton Antivirus: Impressions About the App

Norton Mobile Security really good? See review here!

Software designed for Android, Windows and iOS, it protects both desktop and smartphone devices. It was developed by Symatec, a well-known security company.

By installing it on your phone, it will eliminate programs called spyware, or species, that are installed on your device without your consent and often without you even knowing it.

It's proactive: Even before apps or threats affect your device, it's already scanning, preventing future damage.

The app has four lock layers so you have the best protection possible. At the time of downloading the device, you will only need to register with a commonly used and ready email.

After agreeing to the settings and terms of access, you will be given a personal password for the application release to take place. After that, you can enjoy it for free during the trial period.

App Interface

The entire English app, but it has an intuitive and easily accessible interface, you don't have to be knowledgeable of the language so you can learn to handle it instinctively.

On his home screen, you are informed about the possible threats that may come into contact with your smartphone, so it is important to keep it up to date.

With it you can know what are the exact devices and tools that are running on the device.

How the performance?

While you use Norton Mobile Security, you don't have to worry about the performance of your smartphone, because you don't need to do any configuration or follow up on the app. He does everything on his own, he just warns in necessary cases.

The device does not change the speed of the device in which it is installed, you do not even remember that it is there protecting your device. It will also let you know which devices and items may be slowing down your phone, further improving your navigation.

And this happens from the moment it is installed on your device: a full scan starts with just one touch, very practical and useful for users. Remember that it is one of the fastest in its category: cleaning done in just 12 seconds of operation.

Download other items

Everything you download to your smartphone will be evaluated by Norton Mobile, whether it's a PDF file, another device, or general files.


Norton Mobile Security really good? See review here!

Norton Mobile's main advantages are:

  • Monitoring happens 24h;
  • The quick check;
  • It has several protection tools;
  • The interface is easy to use;
  • Remove virus;
  • Prevents the installation of harmful applications;
  • Locks the phone for theft or lost via SMS;
  • The scans can be scheduled.


Even though it is a device that does not disrupt the performance of ordinary smartphones, it can be heavier on devices that have little memory or space, making use difficult.

Another problem may be when the user decides for any reason to uninstall the application. It will take a lot of patience, because it will be necessary to go to several pages until you find the end.

And finally, a disadvantage that can be killer for many users or potential users than a paid app. After the expiration of the test days, you will need to invest a total of 30 reais per year to continue using them.