Is it worth investing in the LG G4 now?

Is it worth investing in the LG G4 now?

The LG G4 was not a smartphone that went unnoticed. The version with leather trim was the most criticized by users, but still the smartphone of 2015 has its merits, which are attributed to its performance and also to the work done by its camera. After two years of its launch, the question remains: is it worth the investment?

LG G4: points in favor

Removable battery: a rarity

It is almost impossible to find a top of the line smartphone with removable battery today. The company somehow tried to keep that trait in the G5, and buried it in the G6 once and for all. The removable battery is no longer a differential, nor is it missing, as its absence has opened up margins for the optimized fast charging system. In addition, Google has made a number of implementations that have optimized the system and eliminated the problems that previously involved removing the battery.

AndroidPIT LG G4 9651
G4 has removable battery / AndroidPIT

A great Quad HD panel

Full HD resolution came in the past in 2015, and LG was one of the manufacturers that invested in higher resolutions. The G4 is a model that has a display with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. The 5.5-inch IPS panel has good brightness and viewing angles that owe nothing to newer models.

AndroidPIT lg g4 android stock 1
G4 Quad HD Panel / AndroidPIT

A camera that still serves well

The camera is an important element in a smartphone, and we have in the G4 a sensor that will not disappoint anyone looking to invest in this model this year. The camera is 16MP with f / 1.8 aperture, works with CSS color mode and sensor that delivers natural colors and precise details. The manual mode is capable of adjusting important elements such as IOS, white balance and other points.

AndroidPIT lg g4 9
G4 has a good camera / AndroidPIT

LG G4: points against

Forget Android O

The LG G4 was released with Android Lollipop, and will not receive another update, such as Android O. We do not know for sure, even if this model will be taken to Nougat, since, besides the lack of confirmation by LG, only Now the G5 has started receiving this version of the OS.

AndroidPIT android Oreo 2072
Android O (reo) does not reach G4 / AndroidPIT

Without fingerprint reader

The biometric sensor is becoming an essential feature in our smartphones, even in more basic intermediates. The G4, however, does not have this feature. So if this is not a problem for you, you might consider the device.

AndroidPIT lg g5 friends 0398
G5 was first with biometric sensor / AndroidPIT

Snapdragon 808

The Snapdragon 800 series is intended for high-end smartphones, but there are caveats that may cause the user not to invest in the G4 by looking at its processor. When released, the G4 was introduced with the Snapdragon 808 processor, lower than the newer model at the time, which was the 810. LG opted for this because of overheating issues probing the newer option. G4 has, however, a good amount of RAM, plus fair storage.

LG G4: is this investment worth in 2017?

If you already own a G4, I believe there is no reason for you to replace it with the G6. The new device comes with numerous improvements, but all punctual. Technology always evolves, however, not all technological advances can be applied to a single model. If you take a serious look at G6, you'll see that G4 is still a good business. The gains of the new model are essential.

The new device recommended for gaming, mainly because it has a more powerful GPU. If you prefer the G6 and don't want to spend a lot, it's worth waiting a few more months to find it with more discounts. The G4 is still a good smartphone, and I believe it will continue to be until 2018 within the LG line.

Do you own a G4? Would you buy this device in place of a current top of the line?

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