Is it still worth investing in a Full HD Smart TV?

Enter any hypermarket or appliance store and you'll be surrounded by huge screens with stunning 4K images. There is no doubt that Ultra High Definition (UHD) screens are the future, but is there still room for Full HD screens? Is it worth investing in one in 2019? The answer: it depends. Let's explain.

What are you going to watch?

4K TV only makes sense if you have content in 4K layout, and it's still not that abundant. Let's start with our open TV system, the SBTVD (Brazilian Digital TV System): the expected maximum resolution for the 1920 x 1080 pixel signal at 60 frames per second (60 FPS). If you watch mostly open TV, be well served with a Full HD TV.

The same thing can be said for cable TV: carriers broadcast in HD or Full HD. DVD movies? The native resolution is only 720 x 480 pixels, smaller than HD. Blu-ray? The resolution also only Full HD. Yes, there are Blu-Ray discs and players with 4K support, but if you have one of these, you probably already have a 4K TV too.

batch samsung qled 2019
4K TVs are the trend of the moment / AndroidPIT

Play? The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also have Full HD video output. If you want to play in 4K you will have to invest in a PS4 Pro or an XBox One X, newer and more expensive models.

The main source of 4K content at the moment is streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. But you will need a connection capable of sustaining at least 25 Mb / s (Netflix recommendation). Less than that, and you will have to settle for Full HD.

Lastly, you need to take into account the screen size. The difference in quality between a Full HD screen and a 4K screen on a 40 screen is very small, so 4K starts to make more sense on screens 50 and up.

Bottom line: If you still watch mostly cable TV, DVD, Blu-ray or don't have a fast enough internet connection, you won't have much benefit investing in a 4K TV. In such cases, a Full HD model will still suit you perfectly.

The price issue

If the price difference between a Full HD TV and a similar model with 4K screen is small, it may be worth investing an extra grain and preparing for the future. And this difference is getting smaller and smaller: doing a quick search on the internet, I found 40 Full HD Smart LCD TVs for about $ 1,200, and same-size models with 4K screens for only $ 200 more. If you split the purchase at 10x, the difference is only $ 20 per month, ie virtually zero.

TCL 32S6500S
TCL 32S6500S: Full HD Android TV with HDR / TCL

Of course, screen size and resolution are not the only things that matter. Technologies like HDR can dramatically improve picture quality, and a versatile operating system such as Android TV is more versatile and attractive than some proprietary alternatives found in low-cost models. A well-equipped Full HD TV may be better business than that cheap 4K TV.

And you want to buy a 4K TV, or are you satisfied with your Full HD model? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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