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Is it still worth buying a car? We tested the Turbi app

Every day, more and more alternatives emerge buying a vehicle of its own. With the wave of apps, we often start wondering if it's worth buying a car even if you already have to wonder if it's worth leaving home with it, since most of the time the cost of parking, gas and possible Maintenance can be longer than simply ordering a car per app.

About two years ago I wrote an article here at It's about Turo, an American app for you to rent cars in the United States without necessarily having to talk to anyone (from time to time you want to get around but don't want to have someone driving for you).

I confess that I found it unlikely at the time that something like this would arrive in Brazil so early, but apparently I burned my tongue: now we have an option, the app Turbi. His concept is very similar to what I wrote at the time.

Turbi - Car Rental app icon

From the app, you find the nearest car, unlock it by the app, take a picture of possible damage you find so you won't be discounted later, send it all by the app itself and you're done: just get the key from the glove compartment and drive away . Then simply return it to the same place.

What I found interesting in Turbi's proposal is that, unlike Turo, the price of fuel is already included in your daily price and if you have to refuel, there is a card in the car that you use just for that.

Here's a quick explanation in the video below about how the whole process works:

His use for me was as simple as shown in the video: I filled in a few personal details, took a selfie and a photo of the license, and I submitted the documents for approval. This, however, not automatic everything needs a validation, but within a few hours the account is activated.

I believe this process is still so for security reasons, but maybe all this will change over time and become more automatic.

Another thing that struck me positively was that the fleet is all automatic (I particularly prefer it that way) and the fact that we have three types of car (one more popular, one “SUV” and one more “luxury / sporty”).

Packages are accounted for by hour + mileage, something very advantageous for short needs, such as shopping in a supermarket, picking up some and returning home, etc. But there are options of 12 or 24 hours, plus packages with more hours which make it all very interesting the discount for longer rentals makes the price much cheaper compared to hourly rentals.

An example of this last scenario would be a daily 12 hour, which costs $ 60 + $ 0.50 per kilometer driven. Considering that there are cars all over the city of So Paulo (initial region of the app), it seems to me a good option, there is no car rental anywhere, and depending on what you need to do, a taxi would be more expensive.

Downloading the app and using the coupon # MICHEL8395, you get $ 50 to use the service, which gives you a great idea of ​​how it works. In my first use, I did not even use this value I took the car 300 meters from home, went to my physiotherapy and came back.

The only downside I've found so far in the tests I've done is that sometimes you can get a car that's not 100% clean (especially compared to the scenario of getting a car from a rental company). This cleaning I believe happens more spaciously.

Still, I've already got a practically zero-smelling new car, so it's worth looking at depending on what you're doing or if you're leaving with the car to fetch some. As there are many vehicles in So Paulo, you can try to get another one if you identify this problem.