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Is it possible to add a USB-C port to iPhone 11 Pro? A YouTuber is trying to find out

Remember Scotty allen? You may not be associating the name person, but the YouTuber of the channel Strange parts already appeared a few times here on the site with the expertise held in iPhones He has already plugged in an audio output on an iPhone 7, has already doubled the memory of another, added wireless recharging on another, and even set up an iPhone from scratch with $ 300.

Now Allen decided to explore another challenge: he bought a iPhone 11 Pro (actually two but one was to stay for him) and opened the device to check the possibility of including a door USB-C. Spoiler, so that no one creates frustrated expectations: according to YouTuberIt is the possible process he just doesn't know if he will move on.

Allen scrutinized the entire interior of the new iPhone to find empty spaces where it could theoretically fit a USB-C port. This, of course, would not be the only challenge: the inclusion would have to involve a number of electrical and software modifications in the device for the iPhone to recognize the interface and allow it to function for recharging and data transfer.

In the end, Allen concluded that yes, it is possible to add a USB-C port to the new iPhone, there is a reasonable amount of space available on the bottom of the device, so that with a lot of work and research, the process could be done.

The question that the YouTuber He is not sure if he will go about his business: He remembers the Herculean work of adding an audio output to the iPhone 7, noting that the process took three months of full-time work considering the parts search and prototype assembly. Allen asked his viewers to leave comments in his comments about whether to move on or look for new challenges.

What do you guys think? We, of course, will follow this story closely should he decide to continue with it.

via Cult of Mac