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Is Google Play Services getting the biggest mess up with your battery?

How is your smartphone battery behaving in recent days? Many Android users are reporting that the Google Play Services app is consuming more than 70% of the phone power alone. Google Play Services would normally not represent 3% of this consumption. Although we still don't know much about the reasons for this high power consumption, there are some solutions that can be taken to prevent your smartphone from dying on the beach.

google play services

The battery is already critical of itself, imagine what can happen when an application so harmless consumes more than 50%? Many users are sharing the problem on social networks like Google+ and Twitter for answers.

At the screenshot Below, we can see that the "Google Services" remained active for 14h 55m 21s, it seems to have been awakened 1746 times, which prevented the app from going into standby mode.

Google Play Services Battery
The Google Play Services app is running on users' batteries for no apparent reason! / AndroidPIT

What to do if you have been affected by the problem?

As I said before, the reasons for this behavior are still unclear, but there are some actions that can help you keep your battery longer. At the Android Policefor example a lot users suggest forcing the app to stop and wipe chache datahowever, they are only catching a temporary bug fix. Also you can disable "location access" in settings> location access> location access. Check out other measures to extend the battery life of your smartphone.

This is certainly a serious problem that Google needs to fix as quickly as possible. If you have been affected by your smartphone's high battery drain through the Google Play Services app and have a suggestion for the issue, share the tip in the comments below.

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