Is Google Docs already becoming GDrive? I think so.

This afternoon, I was working on a document on Google Docs when, when I finally saved and returned to the home page, I noticed a change in the system layout.

The first change, which I noticed, was in the presentation of documents and folders, in addition to the appearance of an image of the first document, just to the right of the page. Soon I also saw that the placement of colors is different, both in the titles of the folders, as in the titles of the documents.

However, these are by no means the biggest changes. Before, the big change to Docs is well hidden. In its search for simplicity in design, Google placed a blue taskbar just above the titles of the documents, with the menus “Documents”, “Images and videos” and “More options”.

Opening the “Documents” menu, you will find the options “All Documents”, “Text Documents”, “Spreadsheets”, “Presentations”, “Drawings” and “PDF Files”. Just click on any of the links for Docs to sort your documents by type, or choose to search for all of them.

When opening the menu “Images and videos”, you can choose to search for all files of the genre in the link “Images and videos” or sort by each type.

Under “More options”, you will find the “Visibility” and “Ownership” classifications. In the first, divided into “Public on the Web”, “People with a link”, “Private” and “Not shared” and in the second, in “Belong to me”, “Shared with me”, “Out of collections” and “Opened by me”.

The folders are now called “Collections”.

All these changes are apparent, but what really underlies these changes is something that we here at Googlediscovery had already foreseen in January 2008. Since then, this has been gradually materializing. Now, with this change, Google classifies the various files, presenting them in a more similar way to traditional virtual storage services, such as the Windows Live Sky Drive it’s the ADrive.

The negative note is that not all file types are still properly classified. Examples are:

  • files that were not originally downloaded in Google document, spreadsheet, drawing, form or presentation format do not have priority in the presentation of the main page and you need to search for “All items”, “Sort by last modified”, to be able to see them on that page;
  • several of these files, such as .mdb are not supported by GDocs;
  • some video formats are also not supported; and
  • is not yet in sync with Gmail, Picasa Web and YouTube files.

Thus, it is not yet a universal system for keeping files, but everything indicates that this is a path of no return.

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