Is Apple really planning to launch sensor bracelets for the Apple Watch? [atualizado]

Is Apple really planning to launch sensor bracelets for the Apple Watch? [atualizado]

The rumor in the new one doesn't even come from a reliable source, but the idea makes sense and it is worth talking a little about it. Before, the news.

Citing anonymous sources, a Czech website said (Google Translate) that Apple is planning to announce new bracelets that will connect to the data port currently hidden in Apple Watches (image above), adding new features to the device. Right away, this new Apple bracelet (s) would add features like blood oxygenation, breathing rate, blood pressure and sensors to capture body temperature.

The reason for this is simple: not all of these sensors can be placed inside the watch. Body temperature, for example, would be easily affected by the heat from internal components. Another interesting point commented on the website is that Apple imagines that not all users will be willing to upgrade the watch every time a new one is launched. Buying new bracelets that add interesting features to it would be something more palpable.

These bracelets (different styles and configurations) would be in development and could be launched by Apple already in early 2016.

The idea of ​​offering more resources to users without necessarily making upgrades to the watch itself is very interesting, opening up several possibilities not only for Apple, but also for partner companies. There is even such a model as the Reserve Strap, which has an extra battery to power the watch. But this is not so simple and, in my view, directly meets the concept that Apple created for the product.

Reserve Strap

One thing is the bracelets that the company offers today. They are simple (only for those looking for a different style) and very easy to change. Since one that connects to the hidden door of the watches will not be something so simple to fit the site even says that these bracelet changes would be made only in Apple Stores. This ends up de-characterizing all the simplicity that we currently have with these accessories.

More than that, it mischaracterizes the product itself because users could “assemble” their own sensor kit when choosing the bracelet A or B (taking into account that Apple / partner companies will offer several models with different sensors). One thing is to have a “complete” product on your wrist and choose what you want to use depending on the day / time or not even choose, since sensors are monitoring everything all the time. Another will be a diabetic person, for example, and acquire a bracelet for measuring glucose. A, when going out to exercise, having to change bracelets (which, remembering, would not be as simple as today) to put one with a respiratory rate sensor.

Undoubtedly, these accessories would greatly expand the features that the watch offers, but this decentralization of sensors does not seem to me to be something that fits the Watch concept perfectly.

And you, what do you think of all this?

(via AppleInsider)

Update, by Rafael Fischmann · 08/24/2015 s 15:25

Partly corroborating the idea raised above by Edu, the 9to5Mac said in a new article that although Apple is considering exploring the use of this diagnostic port as the rumor points, it will not affect the launch of the second generation of Apple Watch next year.

In addition, it is worth remembering that certain types of bracelets can also be integrated into the watch via Bluetooth.