App Store purchase receipt

Is Apple no longer sending receipts from the App Store? Users complain

Since the dawn of App Store, users received emails with shopping receipts, whether to purchase apps or subscribe to a service. Now stop and think: when was the last time you received one of these?

One user questioned this on the Apple discussion forum, which obviously made other people also notice that they were no longer receiving these receipts, just an email confirming the purchase.

The exact reason this is happening? Nobody knows, after all Apple (still) has not commented on the matter. This way, my last (signature) receipt arrived in October; after that, nothing more.

App Store purchase receipt

If you were also affected by the problem, please know that you can at least access these vouchers manually.

On iPhone / iPad

App Store purchase receipt
  1. Go in Settings ” [seu nome] »ITunes and App Store;
  2. Touch your email and then “View Apple ID”;
  3. Scroll down the screen and tap on “Purchase history”;
  4. Choose the desired purchase, touch it and then the “Resend” button.

On Mac

App Store purchase receipt
  1. Open iTunes or the Music application;
  2. Click on “Account” in the menu bar and choose the option “View My Account …”
  3. Look for “Purchase history” and click “See all”;
  4. Find the desired purchase and click on the “Order ID”;
  5. Click on the “Resend” button.

It is worth noting that purchases of free apps do not have such a button – in the past Apple even sent proof of “purchase” of a free app; not anymore.

via 9to5Mac