Is Apple hiring Linux developers? As well?

Cupertino's company is looking for professionals who have "solid knowledge" on Linux. What is coming next to?

If you think that to this day Microsoft is an enemy of Linux (oddly enough there are people who still believe this), you have no idea how much Apple hates Linux (or at least hated it last week).

Apple hiring Linux developers I remember reading Steve Jobs badmouthing Linux after this case and already reading Steve Wozniak (one of Apple's founders) commenting the opposite about Linux on your blog:

"Associating the Macintosh with Linux may be the most positive thing Apple could do to be more accepted everywhere."

Now, after almost seven years after Steve Jobs's death, Apple is hiring Linux kernel developers. What is Apple up to? Migrate to Linux? Another giant coming to the penguin? Improve your internal server and service infrastructure? Hard to know, but really very curious.

Another thing that occurred to me, because of the job description, that Apple may be trying to explore the possibilities of the Linux kernel as Android does, in order to implement functionality in iOS. Of course, all of these are assumptions, it may also just be a branch of company study that will not immediately become a product.

S to register the moment.

The vacancy can be checked on Linkedin. Candidates must have a "solid knowledge of Linux" with at least five years of experience in embedded Linux.

See you next time!

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