Is Apple changing its product cycle to two releases a year?

When Apple launched the fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini in October, it broke its own almost sacred cycle of product updates. There are many hypotheses to explain the reason for this change, but Horace Dediu, asymco, raised one that may be a little scary: Apple launches new iPads and iPhones every six months.

Apple updated all of its main products (iPhone, iPods, iPads and Macs) during the second quarter, something that had never happened. In addition, the iPhone 5 was launched in many more countries in less time, something important if the company really wants to launch two smartphones a year.

Among the reasons that would lead Ma to accelerate the launch of its products are its two main enemies: anticipation of consumers and launches of competition. As the launch date of iProducts it could already be predicted, Samsung and other companies introduced their products in the middle of this cycle, taking advantage. Announcing two iPhones / iPads a year, it would be much easier to fight them.

Apple logo under a question markEven with good arguments, I still think that this scenario will not come true. I don't doubt that Apple would be able to launch two generations of iPhones and iPads a year, but I believe it left the beginning of the year free for a major launch. In addition, it makes a lot more sense to launch the iPad in October than it did in March since, in this way, Ma enters the Christmas period with new hardware and not with something launched more than nine months ago.

If it continues with the annual launches, the beginning of 2013 is still a big question mark. New Macs Pro, Apple TV / iTV or another product we still don't know about? I do not know, but something comes to. Something big.

(via GigaOM)