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Is an ARM chip, touchscreen, and cellular connectivity coming? [atualizado]

Guilherme Rambo You're back with your findings. This time, however, we are not talking about anything that we will know in the short term, but a product that is still in a prototype phase, that may or may not see the light of day in the very near future.

It is rumored that Apple will make a new transition in the Mac line, abandoning Intel chips and using their own. This is expected to happen in 2020 or later.

Because Rambo has now brought information that may have to do with this change from Apple: we're talking about a new codename device. Star, with prototypes manufactured by Pegatron (a production that would have started in January). Some units have even been sent to Cupertino for testing.

Although we do not have much information about it, we know that identified by code N84, it has a touch screen, a SIM card tray, GPS, compass, water resistant and runs an extensible firmware interface (extensible interface firmware, or EFI). And what's interesting, because EFI is nothing more than the system of boot used by Macs, which implies that Star Project, as known internally, could be the first ARM chip.

Rambo also commented that in 1981, Xerox launched a workstation called the Xerox Star. This was the first commercial device to be considered a computer, with a bitmap screen, graphical interface, a mouse, and email access. The codename StarSo it could very well be related to this old computer (this would be the first computer of a new generation designed by Apple).

Obviously, only time will tell how this device will be.

via 9to5Mac

Update, Rafael Fischmann 5/26/2018 2:14 PM

According to well-informed sources Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, code N84 actually refers to the long-awaited 6.1 ″ iPhone with LCD screen and similar design to X:

Still, there is a possibility that the Star Project itself is something else.