IRS is auctioning MacBook Pro for $ 2,000 and PlayStation 4 for $ 700

THE IRS is holding another auction with various products seized in Salvador BA). Among the auctioned electronic equipment there is a MacBook Protwo Playstation 4 with Destiny in Spanish, Canon photo cameras, GoPro Hero 4, Home theater, stereo, security camera, among other available objects.

The online auction and anyone, physical or legal, can bid, following the minimum bid obligations imposed by the Revenue. If a physical person sells a lot, it is forbidden to resell the products, since the legal person is free to market. The notice to understand what are the criteria to participate can be accessed on the recipe website.

IRS website for auction


Suspicion arose when store profile posted photo with multiple phones

It is important to remember that after purchasing the products the Revenue is not responsible for the products, therefore it is up to those who bought the lot to face possible problems. If the equipment does not function properly and is not responsible for the revenue, freight is not included. For more information about the rules read the notice before bidding.

Some of the lots with electronics are:

Lot 22: Canon, Panasonic and Go Pro Hero 4 Cameras – Minimum bid: $ 12,000Lot 23: Miscellaneous stereos – Minimum bid: $ 4,500Lot 24: Security Cameras – Minimum Bid: $ 3,500Lot 25: MacBook Pro – Minimum bid: $ 2,000Lot 26: Sound table – Minimum bid: $ 4,000Lot 27: PlayStation 4 with Destiny game – Minimum bid: $ 700Lot 28: PlayStation 4 with game Destiny – Minimum bid: $ 700

There are still many films, cases, cables and other smartphone accessories, with lots ranging from $ 15,000 to $ 20,000, depending on the products each package contains. In total there are 38 lots available, with a number of miscellaneous products that are divided into categories such as: clothing, other, handbag, footwear, mechanical parts, among others.

The nail is divided into two steps, in the first one anyone bids freely and in the second are selected those who have bids up to 10% below the highest value so that only the lot is sold. Anyone who can buy the products is responsible for removing them, either by going in person, going to the IRS, or hiring a freight service. Product returns are not possible.

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