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Irish politicians receive threats after Apple data center cancellation

Last May, after years of waiting and twists, Apple announced the cancellation of the construction of a huge data center at Ireland more precisely in the city of Athenryin Galway County. The decision, made with regret according to Tim Cook, was motivated by environmental obstacles and hindrances of local justice; Nevertheless, it seems that some people are not at all pleased with the outcome of the story.

According to the newspaper Irish Independent, Irish politicians received in the mail threats serious of anonymous citizens. Several local representatives received similar messages, including former council member Gabriel Cronnelly of the Sinn Fin party. This gives the message:

This is a message for you. The people of Athenry have waited long enough for Apple. They may have eternal patience but I don't. Put Apple here until Christmas, or things will happen to you and your families. You may think this is an inert threat, but will you risk it? Remember. You won't know who I am when I pass you on the streets, but I'll know who you are, and I'll find out where your families are.

Cronnelly said he was "disgusted" that the letter included threats to the families of the representatives and former representatives. According to the newspaper, the case is being investigated by local police, but there are still no clues as to who might be behind the threatening messages.

The fact that this certainly will not change Apple's position in the decision to take the field team was the company, not the local politicians, and certainly not because of these messages that Ma change their mind. Still, it is healthy that threatened people get some extra protection, as the threats appear to be very serious.

via Cult of Mac