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Ireland and Birmingham are provided with public transport information; Apple's interior mapping reaches more airports [atualizado: Phoenix]

Joining the list of places with public transport information support Maps from Apple are now Ireland and the city of Birmingham (Alabama, United States).

While in Birmingham all public transport options in the city have been released, in Ireland information is available in some cities like Dublin and Cork, and is offered by Bus irann, Aircoach and more. There is also support for city-specific options, such as Dublin's electric rail system, DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) it's the Dublin Bus.

When the information arrived in the country, however, most traffic options were facing service cancellations due to Hurricane Oflia, with several notices throughout the Maps app, as Steven Troughton-Smith showed on Twitter:

Obviously, the public transport information from Maps arrived in Ireland in time for the hurricane to close everything. 😅

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In addition, Apple continues to expand interior mapping, now covering eight more airports in the United States.

Airport indoor maps

Among the airports that received the novelty are O'Hare International and Midway International in Chicago, McCarran International in Las Vegas, Baltimore-Washington International, Miami International, Minneapolis-Saint Paul International, Oakland International and Portland International.

Apple had previously stated that this functionality will soon be available at other larger airports such as Los Angeles International, JFK and others.

As in airports, Ma is already adding the option of internal maps also in shopping malls, making it easier to find stores, restaurants, bathrooms, escalators, elevators and stairs on each floor.

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider, MacRumors

Update 10/30/2017 s 17:00

Phoenix, a city located in Arizona (USA), also received public transport information. Now there are Metro Valley bus and train routes, as well as the PHX Sky Train, at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The areas contemplated by Apple extend to the suburbs, such as Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale and Tempe.

via MacRumors