IPods will soon be moved to Apple Retail Stores shelves [atualizado]

IPods will soon be moved to Apple Retail Stores shelves [atualizado]

Just over a month ago, Apple updated its iPods, but news only came in touch. Before that, however, shortly after the launch of Apple Music, she had already removed “iPod” from the main menu of her website, another indication of the diminished importance they have today for the company.

Soon, according to the 9to5Mac, a similar change will occur in the Apple Retail Stores themselves.

Apple Store 2.0 - iPodsAll of this to be passed soon

At the turn of Tuesday to Wednesday of next week, most Apple Retail Stores in the United States will receive two changes:

  1. IPods will now be displayed on shelves, next to accessories, and no longer in dedicated areas in stores. An advantage in this regard is that customers will no longer need to wait for an Apple employee to go to inventory to pick up the desired model; just pick it up off the shelf and pay.
  2. Introduced in 2011, "Smart Signs" (iPads positioned next to products, with information and prices) will gradually be abandoned to give more space for products on store tables. According to sources, Apple intends to take these details to the screens of the iPhones, iPads and Macs themselves on display, even because the iPad itself caused confusion for many people. For now, they will only be kept on the Apple Watches demo panels.

These are just some of the changes that Apple has made in retail. Recently, she integrated her entire online store with the rest of the website, is participating in the packaging design of third party products and also plans to add a touch more “Premium” certain locations.

Update · 08/24/2015 s 15:38

In a new post on changes, the 9to5Mac claimed that Apple install on Macs and iGadgets a new app that offers functions similar to those of "Smart Sings": product characteristics, comparisons between models, called store employees, etc.

These changes are expected to occur globally at Apple Retail Stores, not just in the US.