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iPod nano disassembled: found a little video, but no iOS inside it

is quite a tradition: just a new Apple product to hit the world and

iPod nano 6G disassembled; iFixit

he looks like a scene from “O Albergue”. What can you do when you have people at iFixit always ready to show you what makes Apple's magic happen? In this case, there are a lot of abracadabra making the sixth generation iPod nano as small as a shuffle, but still have a multi-touch screen and 24 hours of autonomy.

Opening iPod nano 6G; iFixit

Opening the nano is not so easy, but at least it is not impossible: it involves a heat gun, a plastic opener and very good way to handle the fittings designed by Apple. Once opened, the nano turns out to be 50% battery and 50% chips.

iPod nano 6G open; iFixit

This battery has a capacity of 105mAh, a little more than double that of the shuffle (51mAh) taking into account that the two are very similar, the difference allows to feed the LCD screen (240 × 240 pixels) during the moments of operation.

IPod nano 6G chips and battery; iFixit

To check out the whole process and find out where the 11 screws of this small notable are, be sure to visit the iFixit page.

One more thing Moving from hardware to software, Erica Sadun, from TUAW, had an intimate and personal moment with an iPod nano and found the following code fragment among its lists of internal properties:

Code remnants on iPod nano 6G; TUAW

Why is a gadget that is not able to play even a Madonna clip have so many references to TV and video? Cut the camera from here, cut the Click Wheel from there, these lines stayed, were left over and arrived at the final product. With a screen that size, this can only be a trace of when the nano's firmware was still being cooked in the primordial soup.

Which leads me to just another thing The operating system of the nano uses multi-touch and has cones very similar to those of iOS, right? The similarities stop there: since September 1, it was already clear that the nano does not run iOS, according to Apple people answering questions at the Yerba Buena Center. So what operating system would that be?

According to the Softpedia, developer Steven Troughton-Smith has the answer, and it came on the wings of a blue bird: after tinkering and rummaging through the iPod nano firmware, Steven discovered that the N20 gadget reference code and the version of his operating system , whatever it is, at 1.0.

In other words, neither iOS nor the traditional iPod system with Click Wheel. We are facing something totally new, friends!