iPlace will open new store in Recife, the first with a space focused on smart homes

iPlace will open store tomorrow at BarraShopping in Rio de Janeiro

And the iPlace, huh? Apple's largest partner in Brazil continues its rapid expansion across the four corners of the country: Only in recent months have we had new stores in Goinia, Salvador, Barueri and two in Recife (1, 2). Now the mark is coming Barra da Tijucain the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro – RJ).

The group's next store will open its doors tomorrow (29/11)on the first floor of BarraShopping, one of the busiest shopping centers in the city. The official opening will be s 9:30 am and, of course, having a party: all day long, a cocktail party will be offered to the customers, and the sound will be left to a DJ hired especially for the special occasion.

For those who are paying attention, the date of the opening of the new store is really timely: this is, after all, the infamous sexta-feira Negra. And, to keep up with the technique of the day, BarraShopping's iPlace offers a number of benefits to customers: throughout the day, consumers can enjoy 15% off in spot purchases (or 5% at term), in addition to special promotions in various products.

IPlace's newest store, which occupies a 200m space on BarraShopping, offers customers all mix Apple products as well as JBL and other manufacturers. Cariocas will also be able to enjoy the service of Apple Authorized Service Provider, which operates every day during the store opening hours the scheduling of services can be done locally or over the internet.

Will you enjoy it?