iPlace Mobile at Jundiaí Shopping

iPlace reopens stores in Jundiaí and Rio; Salvador and Recife will be the next

THE iPlace ok, ok: Apple’s biggest partner in Brazil seems to have recovered its breath in 2019, with several openings and re-inaugurations around the country. In recent days, the Herval Group brand has reopened its store in Jundiaí (SP), while another space will be reopened in the coming days in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). In addition, other openings are scheduled for the coming weeks.

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Apple Authorized Reseller (AAS) of Jundiaí Shopping, in Jundiaí (SP), was reopened on the last 28th with an exclusive cocktail and a special gift for the first 150 customers. These treats have passed, but stay tuned: until the 13th of this month, the store will keep discounts of 15% (in cash) or 5% (in installments) on all products displayed in the space.

iPlace Mobile at Jundiaí Shopping

As an AAS, the store is still free to sell items from other manufacturers; for this reason, iPlace do Jundiaí Shopping also has its own brand products and well-known manufacturers, such as JBL. The space also has personalized service, workshops and free training for customers.

Rio de Janeiro

While the Jundiaienses are enjoying the good news, the next iPlace reopening already has a place and date to happen: this is the Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR) of West Shopping, in the Campo Grande neighborhood (west zone of Rio de Janeiro), which will reopen next Saturday, the 5th, from 10 am.

On the occasion, iPlace will also offer a reopening cocktail and several benefits. The first 150 customers who make a purchase at the unit will receive an exclusive gift, and the products displayed in the store will have a 20% cash discount (or 10% in installments) throughout the first day of operation. After that, the discounts will be 15% (cash) and 5% (term) until 10/20.

Just like at the Jundiaí store, iPlace at West Shopping will have products from Apple and other brands, such as JBL, in addition to private label items.

Upcoming openings

And don’t stop there: in the coming weeks, iPlace will open three new Apple Premium Resellers (APRs) in the Northeast. The first will be opened in Salvador BA), at the Shopping da Bahiain the second half of October.

Next, we will have two openings in the Recife PE): the store in Shopping Recife will open at the end of October, while the Shopping Riomar will open in early November. Both stores will be flagships ‚Äď that is, they will bring everything that is most recent and refined in the retail experience of the brand, with wide spaces and specialized service.

According to the advice of iPlace, not every Apple Premium Reseller also has authorized technical assistance ‚Äď which would be a point of special interest for Recife residents, since the city has not had any such space since the closure of iTown. For now, we do not know exactly which of these new openings will (or will not) have an assistance.

tip from Jonas Andrade