iPlace offers workshop for parents to restrict their use of iPhone

On December 5th (also known as tomorrow), the iPlace perform a workshop It has a very nice purpose: to help parents and guardians in creating and managing rules to restrict the use of iPhones by children.

O workshop happen in all 142 iPlace stores across Brazil by a team of Apple solution specialists; the content is curated by Marlia Guimares, ofUnderstandingPhone (who participated in the on Air # 340).

The idea is to showcase features that can help kids make the most of iPhone's entertainment and learning potential, but in complete safety.

O timing good because we are at the end of the year (Christmas) and many children / teenagers end up winning iGadgets as a gift. And if that happens, parents will already be able to implement the knowledge of workshop.

Specific configurations will be taught as features to prevent app store purchases, allow or in-app apps and features, avoid explicit content and check content ratings, restrict Siri internet search, limit Game Center usage and more.

According to a recent AppGuardian survey for parental control, children spend an average of 5.7 hours a day on their cell phones during the week; over the weekend, the weather rises by 20% to 6.9 hours a day.

Here is the statement from Marlia, iPlace's ambassador:

Parents know that smartphones are actively present in their children's lives as part of their children's daily lives. Thus, releasing resources that can control this use is a great alternative. This is technology assisting the responsible use of technology. IPlace is also concerned with making the best use of the mobile devices it sells, and therefore wants to assist its customers in the responsible use of purchased solutions, including caring for children.

Only then can we protect them from probable cyber issues and crimes by promoting safe use. The ideal to know the games and YouTubers children's preferences, organizing the routine of use, avoiding technology dependency and keeping the dialogue always open.

O workshop “Restriction for iPhone Shareers with Kids”Happen tomorrow, 5/12, at 19h, in 142 iPlace units spread over 25 states of Brazil.

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