IPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Pre-Sale Begins in Brazil

IPhones sales expected to grow in 2020 driven by SE 2

Apparently, the sales performance of the new iPhones It's fine, thanks. In fact, this year Apple may be able to forget about the ghosts of 2018, when forecasts were for the assembly of iPhones XS and XS Max to be reduced, mainly according to a new report by TF International Securities analyst, Ming Chi Kuo.

For the analyst, sales of iPhones should grow 10% in the first quarter of 2020 Thanks to strong demand for Series 11 devices and the possible release of the speculated “iPhone SE 2”, which is expected early next year.

More precisely, Kuo estimates that sales of the new iPhones will range between 45 and 50 million units, of which the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhones will represent between 13 and 15 million; The iPhone 11, in turn, represent up to 35 million units.

If these numbers are accurate, it means that the number of Pro-line devices manufactured this year may be less than last year's shipment of iPhones XS and XS and Max, but only due to a tighter supply caused by “increased production of specific components ”.

In terms of commercialization, the iPhone 11 could sell more than the XR in 2018, mainly because this model did not start selling until the last quarter of last year.

Although atypical, the possible launch window of the "iPhone SE 2" would provide Apple with extra breath if sales of new iPhones disappoint in the future; By then, however, we will know better how models released this year will have fared in the coming months.

via 9to5Mac