iPhone intact after falling from a plane 300 meters high

iPhones fall from impressive heights and survive (again)

From time to time, we talk here about Macs or iTrecos that fall from scandalously large heights and survive. Not because we want to convince anyone that the devices are indestructible (even because they definitely aren’t – my dead iPod touch died after a fall of less than a meter that says so), but because we project our fears and hopes onto these brave devices that defied death and overcame it. Or something like this.

Recently, two such stories have surfaced. The first one, told by the website whoTV, comes from the city of Ames, in the American state of Iowa, where Sarvinder Naberhaus was taking a sightseeing tour on a twin-engine plane last Tuesday (10/7); in the middle of the flight, the iPhone that was in his hand being used to take pictures was suddenly blown away by the wind and plummeted over 300 meters.

iPhone intact after falling from a plane 300 meters high

Naberhaus, who was coming back from the trip the next day, ignored the pilot’s warnings that the phone was irretrievably lost: he activated the Find My iPhone, got the car and went to the approximate location recorded on the map. He tried to hit some houses, but no one had seen anything like that. It was only when she tried to call the number herself that she heard the sound of the miracle: there was her iPhone, absolutely intact in a field of grass (I suspect that the grass played an important role in this story, by the way) and warning about a meeting at 4 pm Everything ended well – and she went to the meeting.

The second story, brought by the website Click Orlando, it’s even cooler not only for the impressive video you’ll see below, but also for the fact that, in this case, the poor iPhone fell directly on the hard concrete floor – and survived whole to tell the story.

Turkish Cansel Yildirim she was enjoying the vacation with her husband in Orlando, Florida, and went to enjoy a few moments of motion sickness on StarFlyer, the highest flying carousel in the world, last Wednesday (11/7). At 140 meters high, Yildirim decided to pull out his iPhone 7 Plus to film the night view of the city, when – guess what! – the bug escaped his hands and ended up on the ground.

Just as it was not the surprise of the girl, who expected to find her iPhone in a million pieces, to find the entire device, with only a small risk, when disembarking from the toy. Not only that: the filming continued to run, having recorded the entire incident!

Impressive, isn’t it?

via 9to5Mac