Minister of Communications Paulo Bernardo

iPhones and other smartphones could be 10% cheaper in October, according to minister

According to information from INFO, the price of smartphones and cell phones in Brazil should be reduced by up to 10% this month. Paulo Bernardo, Minister of Communications, said that manufacturers will have reduced PIS and Cofins taxes.

Minister of Communications Paulo Bernardo

Consequently, they will be able to pass this reduction on to the consumer. However, only cell phones that support 3G technology, Wi-Fi networks, browsers that are compatible with basic internet standards and meet other requirements will be able to receive the tax discount.

With the approval in record time and this discount in taxes, the iPhone 5 has everything to arrive faster and, who knows, cheaper to Brazil. Hopefully, we paid one of the most expensive prices in the world for the Apple smartphone.

It is worth mentioning, however, that a similar promise was made by Aloizio Mercadante (today Minister of Education) at the time when the production of iPads was discussed here in Brazil, but which unfortunately did not materialize.