iPhones and Androids are affected by “early” daylight saving time [atualizado 3x]

This morning, a number of iPhone owners took a curious case to social media: at the turn of Sunday to Monday, some devices automatically switched to summer time. This would normally not be a problem, as the feature helps those who forget to manually adjust the time; except that the summer time has not yet started in Brazil and thousands of Brazilians woke up an hour before the official time (thankfully it was not the other way around).

Some reports show that the confusion did not happen only among owners of iPhones, since users of Androids also had a fright with the mess of schedules. It is not yet known why these devices have changed to the summer schedule even though, in 2017, it started exactly on that date. What is even more curious is that, it seems, only customers of the operator TIM were affected.

This year, the shift to summer time will only take place in the next month, on the November 18, after being postponed twice due to the electoral results and the holding of the National High School Examination (ENEM), on November 4th and 11th.

That is, expect even more headaches coming by

How to change back to the official schedule

To return to the official schedule, on the iPhone, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Settings;
  2. Touch “General” and then “Date and Time”;
  3. Touch the sliding button to disable the option “Automatically”;
  4. If the time is still incorrect, touch today's date and manually change it to the official time.

When TIM (and / or Apple) solves the problem, they will only reactivate the automatic time later in that same place.

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 10/15/2018 s 11:18

There are already multiple reports from readers saying that, fortunately, the bug has been fixed and the automatic schedule can now be reactivated on the devices. Obviously, the “damage” is done

Update II, by Bruno Santana 10/15/2018 s 18:25

In a note sent to the newspaper People's Gazette, a TIM confirmed today's failure today: “TIM informs that today (10/15) some smartphone models had the clock wrongly advanced by one hour due to a system event. Corrective actions have already been taken to normalize the clock. TIM regrets what happened and apologizes to its customers for the inconvenience. ”

So that. It is okay that the hour of sleep lost no one will get back, but at least someone recognized the problem.

Update III, by Eduardo Marques 10/16/2018 s 00:03

The Palacio do Planalto informed that * there will be no postponement of the summer schedule due to ENEM, as highlighted by the G1. That is, the summer time begins on the day November 4th.