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"IPhones 7s" alleged dimensions point to slightly larger size, but more discreet camera bulge

When Apple announced the iPhone 4s basically identical to the iPhone 4, we complained. When Apple announced the iPhone 5s almost the same as the iPhone 5, we squeaked. When Apple announced the iPhone 6s, practically a clone of the iPhone 6, we were already used to it.

Now, a year after the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple is preparing its engines to announce a fully-featured and expensive smartphone, which, until further notice, is called “IPhone 8“. Next to him, if all the predictions so far are correct, I turn the probable “IPhone 7s” and “7s Plus” to occupy the price ranges of the devices currently on sale. I would say the logic, and the custom, that these gadgets would be basically identical to the ones we have today, right?

Good by all indications, no: previously published leaks point out that this is an "s" generation with a relatively radical change in design over its predecessor specifically, leaving the characteristic aluminum to give way to a glass rear, supposedly placed there. to enable the new, long-awaited wireless charging feature. And apparently, not even the sizes of the new devices will be totally equal to those of iPhones 7/7 Plus.

Who presents this information the German blog, which claims to have received from trusted sources a document with the exact dimensions of the iPhone 7s. If the numbers are correct, we will see a slightly larger device than iPhone 7 in all dimensions:

  • iPhone 7: 138.31 × 67.14 × 7.1mm
  • IPhone 7s: 138.44 × 67.27 × 7.21mm

According to the website, there is no clear explanation for the slight increase in the height and width of the new device, but the thickness has grown by a few tenths of a millimeter precisely because of the glass back. However, not everything is growing in this new iPhone: also according to the document received, the protrusion of the camera will be more discreet in the coming device if, on the iPhone 7, the component projects 1.08mm in relation to the body of the device, in the “iPhone 7s ”this shoulder is only 0.71mm. It's still there, but more tolerable.

There is no information regarding the size of the likely “iPhone 7s Plus”, but it would not be unwise to bet that the larger brother in the family will also wear a slightly larger number in the new generation. Speaking of “dressing”, by the way, is the biggest question about size change: is that the slightest variation will make all cases for iPhones 7/7 Plus won't fit the new devices? Well, that's just the time.

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This is no longer an issue of HomePod's celebrated heroes, as the developer (and Pathfinder) Guilherme Rambo decided to focus their attention this time on the latest iOS beta released by Apple. Still, some more interesting discoveries were found in the new system. We confirm them below:

Identifiers of new iPhones

As is well known, each Apple product generation is identified by a number and subdivided with other digits after a comma iPhones 7 and 7 Plus, for example, have the codes iPhone9,1, iPhone9,2, iPhone9,3 and iPhone9, 4 In this regard, Rambo found, in the bowels of the new version of iOS, eight identifiers related to the next generations of Apple's smartphone:

I found several new device identifiers in the version of iOS 11 released yesterday.

It is not known exactly which devices refer to each of these codes, but another part of the system may give an interesting tip:

Interestingly, it looks like the setup screen will use the iPhone 7 image on iPhone10,1. Probably that means this is the 7s, so

What does all this mean in practice? Absolutely nothing, apart from the confirmation that we will actually see new iPhones very soon (and didn't anyone know that?). But is it always good to stay abreast of the latest discoveries in it?

True Tone on iPhone and iPod?

This piece of code says a lot:

Basically, there are only three lines stating that "iPad / iPhone / iPod automatically adapts to ambient lighting conditions", which sounds very similar to the technology description. True tone. The iPad Pro has had the (much-lauded) feature for some time now, but the iPhone is yet to receive it frankly, it would be surprising if this didn't happen already in the next generation, and the codes above seem to confirm this.

J the third line, referring to the iPod, weirder. We all know that Ma's music players are almost completely abandoned, and the last knight standing is iPod touch; however, nothing indicates an update for this device in the near future. Will we see a new gadget with updated specifications and a True Tone screen soon? Let the speculations begin.

via iClarified