iPhones 2020 will have Touch ID across the screen; “IPhone SE 2” may be released

Ming-Chi Kuo on the 2020 iPhones: 5G connectivity and new screen sizes, all OLED

Apart from Ming-Chi Kuo (who has already proven to have more sources than inside matters involving the Apple production chain), the lines of analysts covering the world of Apple should be interpreted in a very moderate way.

Blayne Curtis, an analyst at Barclays, is one who does not have a strong track record. But it still doesn’t hurt to listen to what he – supposedly – heard around (he and his associates took a trip to Asia recently and met with Apple vendors) about the company’s future planning.

iPhones of 2019

Some things are practically certain and already much commented, such as the maintenance of the base of the current design, the addition of a third camera in the successors of the XS and XS Max, 4G of RAM in the successor of the XR, etc.

Curtis, however, believes that the 3D Touch should be completely eliminated from the entire line (in favor of Haptic Feedback, now present in the iPhone XR and that would be expanded to all devices).

Render of Render “iPhone XI” | Image: MacRumors

In addition to Samsung, LG may also become a supplier of OLED screens for the 2019 iPhones (in a 10-30 ratio); in 2020, Curtis bets on the complete abandonment of LCD screens in favor of OLED ones.

2020 iPhones

As for next year’s models, the analyst believes that we will have more significant changes, such as support for 5G, “3D detection” through a rear camera system and new technology for – you see – Touch ID, capable to be implemented on the entire device screen.

In addition, the analyst mentioned the possibility of Apple launching an “iPhone SE 2”, with internal components of the iPhone 8. This device may reach the market in 2020, but Curtis made it clear that only a few Apple suppliers are aware of the issue. – others have no idea and would not hear about this supposed launch.

We’ll see if the analyst’s hit history will get better or worse after the 2019 and 2020 launches.

via MacRumors