«IPhones 12» cameras will have advanced lenses with eight elements, says Ming-Chi Kuo

"IPhones 12" cameras will have advanced lenses with eight elements, says Ming-Chi Kuo

How about starting this Friday with a new rumor about the «IPhones 12»? According to the respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will implement a new set of “advanced” lenses with eight elements (8P) on the rear camera of the next gadgets.

Kuo does not mention, however, if the 8P lens will be an exclusive novelty of the models flagship (the “Pro”) or whether it will also be taken to the simplest models. He previously said that the (likely) top-of-the-line, 6.7-inch version will feature «several improvements to the rear camera» – including larger sensors that capture more light to improve image quality.

Smartphone cameras generally use a five- or six-element lens configuration, and there are devices with more advanced, seven-element configurations. The additional layers can help with chromatic distortions or aberrations, fringes and other flaws found in common sensors.

Still according to the analyst, the Largan, a maker of components for mobile device cameras, will be Apple’s supplier to the venture, with mass production starting this month – which represents a delay, considering the production window in previous years.

Although Kuo does not mention the reasons for the delay, it is likely that the new pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused this. As we know, it is practically unanimous that the launch of the “iPhones 12” will be delayed this year, with the possibility that they will reach the market only in October – if not later.

via AppleInsider