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IPhones 11 Ultra Angle Camera [Pro] has fixed focus and does not capture RAW

By now, it is basically a pleonasm to highlight how good are the cameras of the new iPhones. They have already been praised by professional photographers and filmmakers, have had their skills tested on Apple videos and have, of course, been reviewed (and very well received) by ourselves here. .

However, all is not flowers: amid myriad features and news brought by the new cameras, some things have been left out of Apple's list of specs just look at this review of the DPreview focused on ultra angle lens From iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

Based on a tweet From developer Ben Sandofsky, responsible for the Halide app, the site team explored the lens with the widest viewing angle of the new devices and found two important pieces of information: it has fixed focus and not able to capture raw images, the popular RAW.


It appears that the ultra-wide angle camera does not support RAW or manual focus. 😢

Deficiencies, at first glance, may be especially noteworthy considering that they are valid for both iPhone 11 and iPhones 11 Pro (Max), which (at least in name) have a professional appeal aimed at advanced users. However, there may be an explanation for both Apple's choices beyond the obvious motivation to cut costs, of course.

The point is that the ultra-wide-angle lens of the new iPhones would produce extremely distorted images in raw form because of the camera's wide viewing angle and extremely short focal length. To deliver more "natural" photos (or close to the human eye's view), Apple certainly applies high doses of post-processing to images; If the ultra-wide lens offered focus adjustment or RAW capture, this post-processing would be lost and iPhones would deliver distorted images.

Obviously, in some cases, the photographer can wanting distorted images, which is why, in the indefinite future, nothing prevents Apple from updating iOS to allow the ultra-wide-angle lens to capture RAW on new iPhones. Fixed focus, on the other hand, is permanent, since it is not just software dependent.

Whether or not this change will eventually be implemented by Apple, however, that is only time.

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