iPhones 11 and 11 Pro with non-original screens will bring notice in Settings

It is interesting to note that, for some time now, Apple has followed two somewhat opposite paths with regard to unauthorized repairs on your devices. On the one hand, the company started to allow iPhones with non-original batteries to be repaired at authorized centers and started to supply genuine parts for unauthorized assistance; on the other hand, it started to explain the use of parallel batteries in iOS devices and got involved in a controversy about the Battery Health feature.

Naturally, the arrival of new iPhones would reserve new chapters for the Apple saga with unauthorized assistance. There was nothing else: Apple today published a new support document, referring to the iPhones 11 and 11 Pro, revealing that it will start displaying alerts on these devices if they are equipped with parallel market panels.

More specifically, if you take your new iPhone to an unauthorized repair center and the technician replaces the device’s screen with a non-original part, a notification will appear on your lock screen notifying you that the component is not genuine; this notification will be there for 4 days. It will then appear for 15 days on the Settings app’s homepage. Finally, the warning will be displayed permanently in the General »About.

Apple notes that the notice is for informational purposes only, that is, it does not affect the functionality of your device in any way. The idea is just to make it easier for Apple Authorized Service Centers to work, as the technicians at these locations will be able to more easily check some important information (such as the status of the screen) without having to open the device. The information about non-genuine screen is included in the device profile, so that it is displayed in an external diagnosis even if the panel is broken.

The iPhones 11 and 11 Pro will have similar warnings if their batteries are replaced by non-original components – but this is not new, since a similar behavior was already adopted in the iPhones XR and XS. The question of screens that is unprecedented (and exclusive to the devices of 2019).

With that, it is clear that Apple’s priority is to reinforce the importance of using original parts. The company highlights, in the new support page, that screens from the parallel market may have inferior quality and present problems or deficiencies, such as lack of support for Multi-Touch or to True Tone, incorrect calibration, irregular or less than expected brightness and many others.

via MacRumors