# iPhone6snoMM: let’s go to unboxing!

# iPhone6snoMM: let's go to unboxing!

You followed our arrival in Miami, the entrance to the store to buy the new iPhones (entitled to a fast hands-on) and the rain we face to get home where we are.

Well now let’s go to the traditional unboxing! We choose the model 6s In color gold rose, which in practice is what is new in visual terms. In addition to the color of the iPhone itself, we have the back of it differently (which now has the ?s? mark and no longer has some engravings like FCC, CE, etc.), a slight difference in thickness (0.2mm more ) and weight (14 grams).

Without further ado, here’s the video:

Soon we will bring a more detailed analysis of the news of the new devices. Stay tuned!