Comparison between iPhone X and iPhone XS network speeds

iPhone XS wins iMac Pro in speed test

That the iPhones XS and XS Max (or, more precisely, the chip A12 Bionic within them) are the most powerful smartphones ever made by Apple, everyone knows that – and, as I commented yesterday, this phrase is above all platitude. Hence winning no less than the most powerful computer manufactured by Apple today in a speed test? Then, yes, you have my attention.

That’s exactly what happened: the developer and creator of framework Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, shared the results of tests done on benchmark JavaScript Speedometer 2.0. See the results with your own eyes:

The iPhone XS is faster than an iMac Pro on benchmark of JavaScript Speedometer 2.0. It is the fastest device I have ever tested. An insane leap over the iPhone 8 / X chip. How does Apple do that ?!

Of course, of course: the fact that the iPhone XS is faster than the iMac Pro in a specific test does not make it a more powerful machine than the beautiful Apple all-in-one – there are, after all, a multitude of other metrics and benchmarks where the iMac Pro would simply leave the smartphone in the shoes. Still, it is an impressive feat for a device that we put in our pocket.

Comparing the iPhone XS with devices of its level, it also proves to be a truly formidable creation of Apple in terms of processing power. How did you bring Cult of Mac, in the Geekbench 4 test the iPhone XS Max registered a score 28% higher than that of the Galaxy Note9 in the multi-core test (11,555 versus 8,998). In the Compute Benchmark test, also from Geekbench, the XS Max is 52% higher than the South Korean competitor (21,895 against 14,365).

Of course, numbers are nothing compared to an empirical test, and that’s what the SuperSaf TV: in a side-by-side comparison of application opening and RAM management, the two devices proved to be extremely capable and almost matched in performance, with the iPhone barely winning – seven apps were opened faster by the Apple smartphone and five by the Samsung. The fact is just one: you will certainly be very happy with whatever device you choose.

Compared to previous Apple smartphones, the iPhone XS has an extra card on its sleeve: network speed. In its own speed tests, the Macworld realized that Apple’s new smartphones bring tangible benefits to users connected to both Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G networks.

Comparison between iPhone X and iPhone XS network speeds

Comparison between iPhone X and iPhone XS network speeds

Comparing an iPhone X with an XS, both connected to the same network at the same time, the newest device washes away: on Wi-Fi, it achieved download / upload speeds of 93.44 / 138.64Mbps against 64.58 / 129.67Mbps on iPhone X. On 4G from T-Mobile, same thing: 9.95 / 23.40Mbps on XS and 5.63 / 22.42Mbps on X. The disparity was repeated in a series of other scenarios tested by the site .

We must thank the new modem that equips the devices for the best signal reception – most likely a Intel XMM 650 7560, which brings support to MIMO 4 × 4 networks (Qualcomm cries at the moment). The fact is that the difference must be palpable for those who migrate to new smartphones.

tip from Leonardo Marques