iPhone XS Max would be selling far more than the XS; see photos of the launch

Our forever friend, Ming-Chi Kuo, is back with new estimates this time, about the initial performance of Apple's new smartphones in its early days of sales.

Oh, and also about the Apple Watch Series 4.

In a note sent to investors, the analyst at TF International Securities claims to draw attention to the disparity in interest in iPhone XS Max.

Apparently, the biggest of the new iPhones would be seeing a demand among three and four times greater that the do iPhone XS, with gold and space gray models proving to be more popular than silver.

Photo of the XS and XS Max iPhones (by )

Kuo also said that consumers' preferred option is to 256GB, but the most expensive, 512GB, could have an even better output if it weren't for a little problem the scarcity of NAND memory chips of this capacity.

Samsung is the supplier of storage components for iPhones, and if the South Korean increases the pace of production of the larger capacity chips, the 512GB iPhones could take off even more, despite its absurdly higher price.

The analyst further states that, even though the demand for the common iPhone XS turns out to be slightly lower than expected, interest in the larger model is balancing the accounts and, therefore, the estimate of iPhones shipped in the second half remains the same: in between 75 and 80 million units.

The best news for Apple is that, with the popularity of the more expensive versions, the iPhone's average purchase price should rise to $ 750-770 (already considering the iPhone XR), which could lead to a record revenue in Apple.

Talking about iPhone XR, his arrival in the coming month should contribute a lot to this possible record, according to the analyst, especially if the manufacturers of the new LCD panel (JDI and LG Display) cut out the production problems, which can cause the units of the coming device limited in their first few weeks of availability.

Shifting into gear Apple Watch Series 4, the clock will sail smoothly in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčsuccess.

According to Kuo, the device has been selling more than expected and Apple depends on an increase in production at Compal (one of Watch's automakers) to continue sales without availability problems.

The analyst increased the forecast for 2018 and now says that Ma will ship 18.5-19.5 million units of Apple Watch over the year, up from the 18 million previously estimated.

¬∑ ‚ÄĘ ¬∑

Speaking of launches, Apple recently released several photos taken around the world on the first day of availability of the new iPhones and Watches.

Let's see some of the coolest ones below or check them all out in Ma's post.

Launch of new iPhones and Apple Watch in Apple storesApple Regent Street, London (United Kingdom)
Launch of new iPhones and Apple Watch in Apple storesApple Fifth Avenue, New York (USA)
Launch of new iPhones and Apple Watch in Apple storesApple Orchard Road, Singapore
Launch of new iPhones and Apple Watch in Apple storesApple Kyoto, Japan
Launch of new iPhones and Apple Watch in Apple storesApple Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates

THE Apple Palo Alto, as it has become customary, received the illustrious presence of Tim Cook in person on the day of the launches.

The CEO attended the opening ceremony, counting down and everything, and shook hands with consumers who were waiting to get their hands on new products; then he went into the store to take selfies With everyone.

Happening now: Apple CEO Tim Cook opens the company's store in Palo Alto, Calif., On the day they start selling new iPhones

Tim Cook launches new iPhones and Apple Watch at Apple storesTim Cook at Apple Palo Alto

J a Apple Union Square, in San Francisco, received Ma's senior vice president of retail, Angela Ahrendts:

Angela Ahrendts in launch of new iPhones and Apple Watch in Apple storesAngela Ahrendts at Apple Union Square, San Francisco

Taking advantage of the date, Ma also tried to open two new stores in points far from the world.

The first was Apple Suzhou, in China, which we have already commented on here and which brings impressive size and architecture, as it has become standard in recent Ma projects.

See some photos, brought by 9to5Mac:

Launch of new iPhones and Apple Watch in Apple storesApple Suzhou, Beijing (China)

New Apple Suzhou, Beijing (China)

New Apple Suzhou, Beijing (China)

In turn, the Apple Eastview, in a shopping center in the city of Victor, New York (USA), it was reopened it was in a much smaller space in the same shopping center, and was relocated to this new location, much larger and in line with the company's newest design trends .

It was very beautiful.

New Apple Eastview, Victor, New York (USA)

To complete, the Apple Wangfujing, also in Beijing (China), is reopening after some past renovations over the past few months.

With them, the store gains all the experiences presented by Ma in recent times, such as the sessions of Today at Apple and meeting spaces, green walls and LED screens for product presentations or small conferences.

Reopening of Apple Wangfujing, Beijing

There is something, huh?