iPhone Xs Max would be “heavy” – and “asymmetrical” in the dual-SIM version

Rumors, my friends.

Rumors! They just don't stop, even 24 hours after we get to know the new iPhones.

The ball? New information on the “IPhone Xs Max” (model with 6.5 ″ OLED screen) and on the “Apple Watch Series 4”.

The heaviest iPhone in the line

According to a source 9to5Mac which has already been right in the past, the “iPhone Xs Max” will be the heaviest phone that Apple will offer in the future line of smartphones (which is no surprise, since it would be basically the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus s as a side structure stainless steel instead of aluminum).

According to them, the “Xs Max” weighs 208 grams against 202 grams of the 8 Plus.

5W charger

We already talked about this in another article here on , but it does not hurt to remember: Apple, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, keep the 5W chargers in the box of the new iPhones.

"Supposed "Supposed

There was an expectation that the new devices would come with an 18W USB-C charger with fast recharging technology, but apparently anyone who wants this benefit will have to purchase the accessory separately, which is simply absurd since we are talking about a device (in this case, the “Xs”) that are likely to sell from $ 900; not to mention that basically all competition from Apple has already adopted more powerful chargers than those of iPhones.

Shame on you, Apple!

“IPhone Xs Max” asymmetrical at the bottom

Currently, iPhones have 12 holes at the bottom, divided into two sections of six.

It is true that the six holes on the left side are only extras, since the speaker itself is on the direct side.

There, on the left side, there is only one microphone, but Apple decided to drill five false holes precisely to maintain symmetry.

For, according to the 9to5Mac, that change in the version dual-YES of the 6.5 ″ model.

IPhone X Photo Gallery (by )

In it, we will have four holes on one side and seven on the other, breaking the current design and leaving the device somewhat asymmetric in that part.

And no, that wouldn’t be to promote the desired output around the 3.5 ″ audio output.

Probably (because it is something of the dual-YES) has to do with the internal arrangement of the components to house this second card.

I just don’t understand how that would prevent Apple from putting fake holes in it and that’s why I doubt that rumor a little bit, but

New wallpapers

In addition to the wallpaper we saw in the leaked photo of the “iPhones Xs”, we will also have two more of these spatial images (one matching the space gray color and the other with the silver color).

64-bit processor on Apple Watch

The processors of iPhones, iPads, iPods touch and Macs are all 64-bit.

On iOS, Apple doesn't even support apps built with the 32-bit architecture in mind anymore; on macOS, Mojave 10.14 will be the last operating system to support apps like that.

However, on the Apple Watch the S3 processor still has such an architecture.

Apple Watch Series 3 iFixit disassembly (GPS + Cellular)

This, however, should change, with the arrival of the processor S4.

And if this information is confirmed, we can expect an even more significant performance increase for Ma’s fourth generation watch in addition to a screen taking up more space (with smaller bezels), a new dial, a new Digital Crown more discreet for the LTE model, etc.

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