iPhone Xs Max would be “heavy” - and “asymmetrical” in the dual-SIM version

«IPhone Xs Max» will be the name of the new model with 6.5 ″ screen

iPhone Xs Max would be “heavy” - and “asymmetrical” in the dual-SIM version

That the new generation of the iPhone will be called “Xs”, this is almost certain. The biggest proof of this was the photo that Apple leaked on its website (the hidden URL, which made it possible to capture the image, had xs in its name). This, of course, for the 5.8 inch model, a direct successor to the iPhone X. Now, the 9to5Mac reported that the 6.5-inch model will have a new name.

If Apple followed the tradition, this device would be called “iPhone Xs Plus”. However, it will be called “IPhone Xs Max”!

THE MacMagazine had already received this information from a trusted source about two weeks ago and can confirm that, yes, that will be the name – in the recording of the MacMagazine on Air # 291 (which happened last night and will be published today), we even played with it. ?

It remains to be seen, now, what will be the name of the 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD screen. Any bets?

The new iPhones, as well as the new Apple Watches and possible new accessories for such products will be announced on September 12, in a special event that will take place at Apple Park. THE MacMagazine, of course, will cover everything!