DxO Labs selfie camera test

iPhone XS Max takes 4th place in DxOMark Image Labs self test

THE DxOMark Image Labs, responsible for one of the most respected camera tests on the internet, still had an important gap in its method: the laboratory tested only the rear cameras of smartphones, ignoring a very important element and increasingly used in devices – the camera (s) (s) selfie. Not anymore.

In a post published today, DxOMark announced that, from now on, it will start taking into account the performance of the front cameras in the smartphone scores, detailing its methodology for the tests: more than 1,500 photos and 2 hours of video analyzed in more than 45 scenarios to determine the qualities and defects of each lens, each sensor and each smartphone.

The best part is that these tests were already being done, silently, on some of the devices tested in recent months by the laboratory. With that, it was already possible to build a ranking with the best frontal cameras of 12 smartphones recently launched.

The test champions were the Pixel 3 it’s the Galaxy Note9, both with a 92-point DxOMark. On the Google device, DxO praised the camera’s ability to focus, the texture of images and noise reduction in low light situations; the Samsung device, in turn, received praise for the exposure and color of the photos taken, as well as for the naturalness and cleanliness of the images. Overall, Pixel 3 was the big test champion in terms of image, while Note9 took the crown in the videos.

DxO Labs selfie camera test

The third place in the test went to Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, with its double sliding front camera that won praise for the effect bokeh and for the captured videos, but it was also criticized by the secondary camera with fixed focus.

Fourth, finally, we have an Apple device: the iPhone XS Max won 82 points in the DxOMark Selfie, 81 in the photo test and 82 in the video test. According to the laboratory, the smartphone produces some of the best results (both in image and video) of the group in situations of bright light, but has deeper difficulties than most in darker scenarios.

The ranking also includes other old acquaintances, such as Huawei, The Galaxy S9 Plus, The Galaxy S8 and, tenth, the iPhone X, with 71 points.

So, do you agree with the results?

iPhone XS standing

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