iPhone XS Max has the best smartphone screen, according to DisplayMate

One thing that I find quite funny when Apple introduces a new iPhone and boasts of the four winds that the “most powerful iPhone ever made” now isn't the technology working? 😛

Similarly, assessments of Displaymate: Every couple of months, the testing firm declares a new champion among smartphone screens that is as expected, as companies are refining their technologies and creating increasingly impressive and defined panels. The crown over the past year has been passed over three times: it has gone from iPhone X to the Galaxy S9, then to the Galaxy Note9 and is now returning to Cupertino more specifically, to the iPhone XS Max.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max in gold

According to the firm, the screen of the new more expensive iPhone has a number of improvements over the iPhone X, including a higher and more accurate maximum brightness of colors. Just a few records set by the panel, including contrast ratio, screen reflectance, visible screen resolution, ambient light contrast ratio, OLED panel brightness, and absolute color accuracy.

The iPhone XS Max panel received a rating A + DisplayMate the same as the Galaxy Note9 received a few months ago, but with the distinction of receiving from the Samsung device the crown of “Best Smartphone Screen”. It is not clear, however, at what points the smaller iPhone XS screen differs from the one installed on its larger brother; As far as we know, both have exactly the same technology, differing only in size.

Well, who is next to be honored?

via MacRumors